5 things you must do first for SEO to improve your website quality

5 things you must do first for SEO to improve your website quality


1. Avoid broken links

Avoiding broken links is one of the important steps to improve the quality of content. Broken links often bring negative user experience and bad records to the search engine. Therefore, comprehensive testing should be carried out periodically to ensure that all external links to the site are still valid.


2. Include Text Link/Anchor Text

Text Link (Anchor Text) is the text description of an URL link. When the user clicks on the link, it will open and display the page you link to . Text links play a very crucial role in search engine optimization, hence optimizing text links is a very good way to get good website quality.

In general, Text Link is used as an external link, to enrich the page contents. When user continue reading through various external articles provided by the Text Links, this will greatly improve the crawling frequency of the page. The retention rate of the page can earn good user experience as well.


3. Apply Long Tail Keyword

As we can imagine, the main target keywords play an important role in SEO. However it is not practical to insert the target keywords to all content that are SEO. Therefore the long tail keyword is generated as an extension of main target keywords, to serve this purpose. Examples are “SEO features”, “Applying SEO”, “SEO Package” which can be used as Classification, or Category and form part of the architecture of the entire website.


4. 301 Redirection

301 Redirection is what we called URL forwarding method. In general, when the URL domain name changes, the 301 redirect will be used to transfer the original URL to the new URL.

For example: the original URL is https://www.uniquekey.com.hk, and now changed to https, all the original http URLs will be transferred to https. You can use the 301 redirect method to make all users browsing from http automatically transferred to https. So when the user enters https://www.uniquekey.com.hk, it will automatically redirect to https:/ /www.uniquekey.com.hk.

5. 404 Page set

The purpose of setting the website 404 page is to inform the user that the website has an error link, ie the web page does not exist. As far as the search engine Robot is concerned, when encountering a 404 page, the search engine Robot will know that the link does not exist, so the page will not be indexed and the original recorded URL will be deleted.

For the user, the 404 page is also a part of the user experience. A good 404 page can retain user to stay on the website and provide other relevant pages for the user to browse and increase the stay rate.

6. External Link from other websites

External Link mainly refers to the link which opens your page from other websites.

An external link can also be called a Back Link. External links are one of the ways for search engines to evaluate your page. The more back link to your page, the higher value of your page will be earned. Of course, your website or pages has to be of high-quality so that others will include your page as a Back Link.

In summary, there are many more techniques to improve your SEO. I hope you enjoy reading this simple introduction and be inspired to move on. Should you wish to explore more about SEO or discuss how we may support your web business. You are more than welcome to contact us.

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